Work Permit Application

Need a work permit application?

Start by accessing the application below.

Steps on how to get your application filled out and filed:

  1. Print the application form out from the above link.
  2. Fill out your portion on the form
  3. Have your employer complete their portion on the form.
  4. Get your parents/guardians signature.
  5. Once work permit application is completely filled out, take it to Mrs. Valencia in the main office.

Work permits take two to three business days to process for students. Once completed, you will be called up to the office to pick up your permit. From there, you will take it to your employer.

Reminder: Work permits need to be renewed each school year. Be sure to check your expiration date listed on your work permit. If the expiration date is approaching, be sure and fill out a new work permit application for a renewal. This will allow you and your employer sufficient time to get the process renewed. This alleviates canceled work schedules and shows your employer how responsible you are.

* If you still have questions, please email Mrs. Valencia or come by the office during lunch time or right after school.